In the current Coronavirus situation we are unfortunately unable to run regular rehearsals and events as the government advice and instructions limit non-essential travel and social gatherings.

While many of us may regard music and singing as an essential activity, and certainly very important for maintaining social links, stimulation, enjoyment and overall mental health, our normal operations are currently suspended. We hope to be able to launch Blue Planet in Manchester and Liverpool, and Come Fly With Us in Warwick and Birmingham in September for performances in December or January, as soon as regular operations are able to resume.

In the meantime, to try and keep people occupied, to give people something to focus on other than their immediate surroundings, to help maintain connections with other friends and family, and to give us all something to look forward to we are going to run Espressivo@home.

This will be a collection of favourite songs drawn from Espressivo repertoire, and other libraries that I have access to. If you sign up for this event before Monday 30th March then you will have the opportunity to suggest a song (or songs) for the collection. We will then collate the suggestions, draw up a song list, and produce music and rehearsal tracks. We will certainly take applications to take part in the event after 30th March, but will be unable to take suggestions towards the programme.

Music packs will be distributed electronically via email, and where requested, hard copies and CDs will be sent through the post. You will then have the opportunity to revisit some favourite material (Anthem is already a firm favourite for the list…) and work on it at home. Once the current coronavirus situation has resolved and restrictions on travel and assembly are relaxed, then we will meet for a small number of rehearsals (probably two or three in each area) and put on a performance in each area (Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham/Warwick). This will give us the opportunity to meet, renew friendships, enjoy singing together and perform for family and friends. There may well be tea and cake also…

If you are interested in taking part please let us know by either:

a) filling in the form at the bottom of this page

b) emailing with your name, address, voice type, favourite song(s), whether you would like to receive your music electronically or through the post

Payment: The cost for this project is £100. This can be paid in one lump sum, or as four monthly payments of £25. For this project we will need to collect payments electronically, either by bank transfer, standing order or direct debit. If you wish to pay by standing order or bank transfer you will need to set this up yourself online with your bank. If you wish to pay by direct debit we will send you an email for you to click a link to authorise the set up of the direct debit. 4 monthly direct debit payments of £25 will then be taken automatically. Payments taken by direct debit are covered by the direct debit guarantee.

We hope that this proves an interesting and exciting opportunity in these difficult times. As always, any questions please get in touch via and we will do our best to help.

Don’t forget also that we have a Facebook group available for each area – simply search on Facebook for Espressivo and your area name and the group should be displayed. Ask to join the group and as soon as we have matched your name against our database you will be approved and have the group available for chat about anything you like with your fellow Espressivo singers.