About Us

espressivo chorus clef white bkAt Espressivo Chorus we believe that everyone has a singing voice – so there are no auditions to join, and you don’t need to have had any previous experience of singing in a choir.  We focus on creating the best possible musical experience for everyone, singing in full harmony to create an expressive, musical experience of professional quality.


We work in a variety of different styles, from classical to pop and rock, from musical theatre to film and television, as well as new music composed by the very best contemporary composers.  All of our music is provided in clear, easy to follow scores with rehearsal tracks to help you learn at home.

Whether you only sing in the shower or the car, haven’t sung since school, or sing often with other choirs, come and join us on our journey to present some beautiful, expressive performances in a friendly, relaxed yet professional atmosphere.

Each Espressivo group runs for two rehearsal series per year, with a concert at a stunning venue at the end of each series, with dates roughly following those of the academic year.

So, whether you want to sing to benefit your health (yes it does- both mentally and physically!), to make new friends and enjoy new experiences, or simply to sing some really good music – come and join us! We’d love to see you!

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